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Coatham Coaches’ Success Through Adversity

It’s been a challenging few years throughout the pandemic. With restrictions on travel and groups brought in, it was a tough time to be a transport business! We quickly realised that we needed to find new uses for our fleet to keep us busy and moving forwards.

We stepped in to deliver free school meals to the local area, drive buses for key workers allowing them to safely reach their place of work, and even repatriated airline passengers who had been stranded due to changes in restrictions. It was clear our services could make a difference in peoples’ lives so it just made sense to offer them!

“We’ve just had our accounts for 2020/21 back and have seen sales grow by 25 per cent in a year when our operations were restricted,” said managing director Mark Hodgson.

Coatham Coaches helping at a port

This change of pace really rejuvenated our staff through lockdown, giving us a sense of purpose while travel restrictions were still in place. It also helped us survive financially, in fact, we thrived throughout this period.

Moving Forward

This time away from our regular duties, whilst involuntary, let staff look to the future. The team have been working on plans to strengthen the business in the coming years.

“We will celebrate our 40th year of operation next year,” said Mark. “With a strong family ethic, we hope Coatham’s name is synonymous with quality and worry-free travel, and we want to build on that as travel restrictions ease.

“Now is the time to think about safe staff travel as you get your workforce back to the office. If you’re travelling to a function or a training event, is it safer to book a coach and keep your work bubbles intact?

“Your staff are usually your most valuable asset. Coatham can provide the expertise to help firms navigate safe ways to travel.”

Eco-Friendly Travel for Businesses

With a larger emphasis across the country on eco-friendly transport, Coatham are perfectly placed to accommodate this. We can comfortably transport people through clean air zones, therefore ensuring your company’s green credentials are maintained.

“Coach travel can have huge benefits for the environmental impact of your business travel,” said Mark.

“We have invested nearly £2m in coaches with cleaner functioning engines over the last five years.

“Coatham are proud to count some of Teesside’s most prestigious companies as clients. We help PD Ports with visitor site visits, Anglo American with staff shuttles, Active Financials with corporate travel and Yarm School with home-to-school transport.

“They trust us to deliver the highest standards. From executive cars and mini-coaches to high-capacity accessible coaches, we can provide it all.”

If you think we can help with your travel requirements, contact us here.

This story was initially covered by Tees Business.